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Healthcare Facilities


We carefully work within stringent regulations and technical requirements to design healthcare facilities – laboratories, specialty clinics, and hospital expansions and remodels. Our team incorporates the latest in medical technology and designs welcoming patient care areas and functional, comfortable work spaces for doctors, nurses, other specialists and staff.

Featured Projects

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Other Healthcare Projects

  • Advanced Medical Imaging Remodel, Lincoln, NE
  • Advanced Medical Imaging Remodel, Lincoln, NE
  • Children's Dental Clinic Lincoln, NE
  • Dialysis Center of Lincoln – Multiple Projects
                    Holmes Lake Plaza Facility, Lincoln, NE
                    New Facility, Beatrice, NE
                    New Facility and Addition, Columbus, NE
                    Facility Addition, Valentine, NE
                    Facility Addition, Ainsworth, NE
  • Dr. Rao Radiology Oncology Clinic, Lincoln, NE
  • Elizabeth Park South Interior Renovation, Lincoln, NE
  • Elizabeth Park South X-Ray / Lab Renovation, Lincoln, NE
  • Envision Open MRI, Lincoln, NE
  • Family Health Physicians Medical Office, Lincoln, NE
  • Hospice Care and Beverly Health, Lincoln, NE
  • Linc Care Expansion, Williamsburg Village, Lincoln, NE
  • Lincoln Endoscopy Medical Office, Laboratories and Multiple Expansions, Lincoln, NE
  • Lincoln Orthopedic Physical Therapy New Building, Lincoln, NE
  • Lincoln Surgical Group Medical Office, Lincoln, NE
  • Mid-Dakota Medical Center Skilled Nursing Unit Addition, Chamberlain, SD
  • National Strength & Conditioning New Building, Lincoln, NE
  • Nebraska Orthopedics/Prosthetics Services New Building, Lincoln, NE
  • Nebraska Urban Indian Wellness Center, Lincoln, NE
  • North American Biologicals (NABI) Biomedical Center, Lincoln, NE
  • Nova Care Laboratory, Lincoln, NE
  • Pawnee City Hospital CT Scan & Remodel, Pawnee City, NE
  • Pawnee County Memorial Hospital Medical Clinic, Pawnee City, NE
  • The Physicians Network – Multiple Projects
                    O Street Birthing Center, Lincoln, NE
                    CHI Health MOB Renovation, Kearney, NE
  • St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center – Multiple Projects
                    East Lincoln Internal Medicine, Lincoln, NE
                    Lab Remodel, Lincoln, NE
                    Urology Remodel, Lincoln, NE
                    6th Floor Pediatric Cardiology Remodel
                    6th Floor Nurse Pod Remodel
                    6th Floor ICU Remodel
                    Surgery Holding Area Remodel
                    5th Floor Renovation Phase III
                    Pediatric Oncology Remodel
                    5th Floor Nurse Wing & Waiting Area
                    Sleep Lab Remodel
                    Pathology Remodel
                    Cherry Hill Clinic
                    Waverly Clinic
                    Urban Indian Wellness Center
                    First Floor Radiology Remodel
                    Mammography Center
                    Birthing Center Remodel
  • Superior Medical Imaging N. 27th Facility, Lincoln, NE
  • Veterans Based Community Outpatient Clinic, Excelsior Springs, MO
  • York General Hospital: CT Unit Addition, York, NE
  • York Hospital Clinic Expansion, York, NE
  • York Hospital: Wellness Center, York, NE