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Restaurants/Food Service Facilities


Banquet facilities, food courts, fine dining, casual dining, specialty food shops, franchises, one-of-a-kind restaurants – our portfolio proves that we have a taste for quality restaurant and food service design. We back our creative plans with an in-depth knowledge of the design elements required for quality food preparation and storage, tailored environments, quality customer experience, and outstanding service and work flow. Our goal is to create a seamless design between the look and feel, function, and operation to please not only guests but owners, managers and staff.

Featured Projects

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Other Restaurants/Food Service Facilities Projects

  • Amigos/A&W – Highland Village, Lincoln, NE
  • Applebee’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill, Williamsburg Village, Lincoln, NE
  • Ashland Country Club Dining Room Expansion, Ashland, NE
  • Ay Chihauhua Restaurant/Bakery Remodel, Lincoln, NE
  • Big Apple Bagels – 2 Locations, Lincoln, NE
  • Billy Frogg’s Restaurant, Lincoln, NE
  • Blimpies Salads & Subs – 3 Locations, Lincoln, NE
  • Blue Moon Coffee, Gateway Mall Food Court, Lincoln, NE
  • Burger King Remodel, Lincoln, NE
  • Canyon Coffee Shop, Lincoln, NE
  • D’Leon’s Mexican Restaurant, Lincoln, NE
  • Dairy Queen Tenant Finish, Gateway Mall Food Court, Lincoln, NE
  • Dairy Queen Tenant Finish, Ashland, NE
  • Florios Tenant Finish, Lincoln, NE
  • French Quarter Restaurant, Lincoln, NE
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffee House – 4 Locations, Lincoln, NE
  • Green Gateau Reception Hall, Lincoln, NE
  • Honest Abe's Meadowlane Remodel, Lincoln, NE 
  • Jabrisco’s Renovation, Lincoln, NE
  • Lazlo’s Remodel, Lincoln, NE
  • Panera Bread & Hu Hot Mongolian Grill Exterior Façade, Lincoln, NE
  • Parker's Smokehouse, Lincoln, NE
  • Pfizer Animal Health Cafeteria Remodel, Lincoln, NE
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Tenant Finish, Gateway Mall Food Court, Lincoln, NE
  • Salsarita, Lincoln, NE
  • Sbarro’s – UNL Nebraska Hall, Lincoln, NE
  • Shar-E-Punjab Indian Restaurant, Lincoln, NE
  • St. Elizabeth’s Cafeteria Remodel, Lincoln, NE
  • Subway Sandwich Shop – 3 Locations, Lincoln, NE
  • Subway Tenant Finish, Gateway Mall Food Court, Lincoln, NE
  • Taco Inn, Lincoln, NE
  • Tandoor Indian Cuisine, Lincoln, NE
  • Valentino’s On-The-Go C-Store, Lincoln, NE
  • York Country Club Addition, York, NE