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Education Facilities


Our team at Architectural Design Associates understands the intricacies of designing education construction, renovation and remodeling projects, and we approach each with a creative eye toward aesthetics, accessibility, technology and sustainability. ADA has an outstanding reputation for innovative architectural design throughout the Midwest – and decades of experience in both K-12 and post-secondary projects.

Featured Projects

Other Education Projects

Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln, NE

  • Student Athlete Development Center at Seacrest Field
  • Seacrest Field Master Plan
  • Brownell Elementary Multi-Purpose Room/IAQ Project
  • Bryan Community Child Center IAQ Upgrades
  • Clinton Elementary IAQ Upgrades
  • Clinton Elementary Gym/Classroom Addition
  • Dawes Middle School IAQ Upgrades
  • Millard-Lefler Media Center Remodel
  • Morley Elementary Elevator Addition
  • Saratoga Elementary IAQ Upgrades
  • Seacrest Field Restrooms Remodel
  • Seacrest Field Sound & Lighting Project
  • West Lincoln Elementary IAQ Upgrades
  • West Lincoln C.A.M. Upgrade
  • Southeast High School Elevator Addition
  • Brownell Elementary Elevator Addition
  • Clinton Elementary Elevator Addition

Lincoln Christian School

  • New Elementary and High Schools
  • Science Lab Renovation
  • Sports Complex & Tennis Courts Study
  • Facility Additions
  • Fellowship Balcony Remodel
  • Classroom Remodel

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Neb.

  • Agriculture Hall Renovation
  • Agriculture Research & Development Center Maintenance Building & Interior Finish
  • Animal Science 2+2 Building Renovation
  • Animal Science Building LB605 Renovations
  • Animal Science Building Roof Replacement
  • Architectural West Classrooms Remodel
  • Ashfall Excavation Site Building and Master Plan
  • Avery Hall Renovation
  • City Campus Power Plant Roof Replacement
  • Coliseum Roof Replacement
  • College of Dentistry Remodel
  • East Campus Power Plant Roof Replacement
  • East Union Student Center Renovations
  • Ferguson Hall Lecture Room Remodel
  • Fleming Fields Activity Building Renovation
  • Food Industry Building Remodel
  • Henzlik Hall Remodel
  • Keim Hall Computer Lab Remodel
  • Kieselback Laboratory Mechanical/Electrical Renovation
  • Laser-Assisted Nano-Engineering Laboratory Renovation
  • Lied Center Exterior Renovations
  • Mabel Lee Hall Remodel
  • Midwest Roadside Safety Facility Remodel
  • Military and Navel Science Building Remodel and Roof Replacement
  • Natural Resources Building Renovation
  • Natural Resources Building Roof Replacement
  • Westbrook Music Building Roof Replacement

Union College, Lincoln, Neb.

  • Physician Assistant & International Rescue & Relief Program Area Renovation
  • Reese Hall ADA Compliance Study and Renovation
  • Simulation Lab for Nursing Program
  • Bell Tower Lighting
  • Prescott Hall Basement Remodel
  • Pool Chemical Storage Building
  • Advent Source New Facility
  • Student Center Remodel
  • Entrance Canopy
  • Cafeteria/Bakery Relocation

Doane College, Crete, NE

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer Room Addition

Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, NE

  • Abel Stadium Press Box

Other School Projects

  • Elmwood Murdock Elementary Kitchen Renovation
  • Hartley Elementary ADA Updates
  • Hartley Elementary Elevator Addition
  • Mearle Beattie Elementary Media Center Addition
  • Saratoga Elementary Elevator Addition
  • Mount Ayr High School Safe Room Addition, Mount Ayr, IA
  • West Central High School and Elementary School Safe Room Additions, Stuart, IA
  • Church of Holy Spirit Elementary School - New Facility, Plattsmouth, NE
  • Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran School – New Facility, Waco, NE
  • Indian Hills Community Church Education Wing Addition
  • Trinity Lutheran School – New Facility
  • Freeman Public Schools Feasibility Study, Adams, NE