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Green Initiatives

About Us

Environmental Stewards

If green design is important to you, we will make it a priority. ADA understands the importance of environmental stewardship in project design, and our experienced and accredited LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) professionals will approach your project with special attention to sustainable practices. Our team focuses on using recycled and reused products and local materials when appropriate. We can recommend many energy-saving options and indoor air quality enhancements and, if feasible, we’ll refurbish and re-use existing electrical, lighting and mechanical systems. If new systems are needed, we carefully evaluate them for energy efficiency and long-term reliability.

LEED Projects

  • Veterans Affairs Regional Office Building (VARO) - LEED Gold Certified
  • Cape Girardean Social Security Administration Building (SSA) - LEED Silver Certified

Building Commissioning

  • Nebraska National Guard CATS-M Building