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Dialysis Center of Lincoln – Multiple Projects

Healthcare Facilities

Southwest Lincoln

Dialysis Center of Lincoln’s southwest facility was built in 2007 consisting of 13,000 square feet, containing 12 treatment chairs and a department for Home Dialysis training and support. The facility includes support areas that include training areas, patient consulting rooms, and offices for dietitian and social workers. The facility’s layout was designed to provide efficiency of the shared support areas with an efficient circulation pattern through the building. The project area was designed to accommodate the future addition of a second set of 12 treatment chairs if needed.

Northwest Lincoln

Dialysis Center of Lincoln’s new northwest facility was built in 2017 to replace a leased space. The new 18,000 square foot, 28 treatment chair facility is based on the earlier Southwest design but expanded to accommodate the increased number of units as well as additional storage to help support the other Lincoln dialysis center locations. ADA continued to develop upgrades in the water support systems and building design, including a geothermal well system for the heating and cooling system to achieve a higher energy efficiency.