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• Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln, NE
Student Athlete Development Center at Seacrest Field
Seacrest Field Master Plan
Brownell Elementary Multi-Purpose Room/IAQ Project
Bryan Community Child Center IAQ Upgrades
Clinton Elementary IAQ Upgrades
Clinton Elementary Gym/Classroom Addition
Dawes Middle School IAQ Upgrades
Millard-Lefler Media Center Remodel
Morley Elementary Elevator Addition
Saratoga Elementary IAQ Upgrades
Seacrest Field Restrooms Remodel
Seacrest Field Sound & Lighting Project
West Lincoln Elementary IAQ Upgrades
West Lincoln C.A.M. Upgrade
Southeast High School Elevator Addition
Brownell Elementary Elevator Addition
Clinton Elementary Elevator Addition
Elmwood Murdock Elementary Kitchen Renovation
Hartley Elementary ADA Updates
Hartley Elementary Elevator Addition
Mearle Beattie Elementary Media Center Addition
Saratoga Elementary Elevator Addition

• Mount Ayr High School Safe Room Addition, Mount Ayr, IA
• West Central High School and Elementary School Safe Room Additions, Stuart, IA
• Church of Holy Spirit Elementary School - New Facility, Plattsmouth, NE
• Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran School – New Facility, Waco, NE
• Indian Hills Community Church Education Wing Addition
• Trinity Lutheran School – New Facility
• Freeman Public Schools Feasibility Study, Adams, NE

• Lincoln Christian School
New Elementary and High Schools
Science Lab Renovation
Sports Complex & Tennis Courts Study
Facility Additions
Fellowship Balcony Remodel
Classroom Remodel

• University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Neb.
Agriculture Hall Renovation
Agriculture Research & Development Center Maintenance Building & Interior Finish
Animal Science 2+2 Building Renovation
Animal Science Building LB605 Renovations
Animal Science Building Roof Replacement
Architectural West Classrooms Remodel
Ashfall Excavation Site Building and Master Plan
Avery Hall Renovation
City Campus Power Plant Roof Replacement
Coliseum Roof Replacement
College of Dentistry Remodel
East Campus Power Plant Roof Replacement
East Union Student Center Renovations
Ferguson Hall Lecture Room Remodel
Fleming Fields Activity Building Renovation
Food Industry Building Remodel
Henzlik Hall Remodel
Keim Hall Computer Lab Remodel
Kieselback Laboratory Mechanical/Electrical Renovation
Laser-Assisted Nano-Engineering Laboratory Renovation
Lied Center Exterior Renovations
Mabel Lee Hall Remodel
Midwest Roadside Safety Facility Remodel
Military and Navel Science Building Remodel and Roof Replacement
Natural Resources Building Renovation
Natural Resources Building Roof Replacement
Westbrook Music Building Roof Replacement

• Union College, Lincoln, Neb.
Physician Assistant & International Rescue & Relief Program Area Renovation
Reese Hall ADA Compliance Study and Renovation
Simulation Lab for Nursing Program
Bell Tower Lighting
Prescott Hall Basement Remodel
Pool Chemical Storage Building
Advent Source New Facility
Student Center Remodel
Entrance Canopy
Cafeteria/Bakery Relocation

• Doane College, Crete, NE
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer Room Addition

• Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, NE
Abel Stadium Press Box